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PizzaHut - Food Photography

Jul 2020 w/ The Food Photo Agency

Having the privilege of assisting on a project focused on shooting Pizza Hut's latest collaboration with KFC and their classic pizza offerings––seemed intriguing.

The shoot presented new unique challenges and opportunities to capture the essence of the pizzas. We meticulously styled each pizza to highlight its ingredients and presentation, ensuring that they looked irresistible on camera. The collaboration pizza, combining the flavors of Pizza Hut and KFC, required careful attention to detail to showcase the harmonious blend of the two iconic brands was difficult. The classics, on the other hand, called for a nostalgic and familiar aesthetic, capturing the timeless appeal of Pizza Hut's traditional offerings.

Collaborating with Manny, the talented food styling team, PizzHut's chef and art director. I learned the art of creating appetizing visuals through strategic composition, lighting, and prop selection. This experience allowed me to understand the importance of effective communication and teamwork to achieve the desired outcome. Overall, this project has been an invaluable learning opportunity, enhancing my skills in food photography and providing insights into the intricacies of capturing the essence of a brand through imagery.

Sr.Photographer Manny Rodriguez

Photographer Apprentice & Grip Brandon Borga

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