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I'm a paradox. I chase light while dwelling in darkness. I struggle to accept myself, yet admire who I've become. I mend others while compromising myself. A living contradiction, that's me.


Oye me llaman




Brandon Borga full body portrait


My journey began in high school, where I started to discover who I wanted to be as a person and an artist. Attending a visual and performing arts school presented both benefits and challenges. I learned a great deal of design but never quite figured out what I wanted for myself. By the end of it, I felt lost, unsure of what to do next.


Luckily I found a photography mentor named Manny Rodriguez, who guided me and helped me refine my skills. Afterward, I decided to visit my family in Spain. This trip sparked a new phase in my life, leading me to magical travels from Istanbul to Tokyo. During my journey, photography became my anchor. Viewing new environments through my lens, I began to focus on the overlooked details of the world around me. This exploration was profoundly fulfilling, but my adventure was cut short due to a lack of funds and the onset of COVID.

The pandemic years were isolating, yet transformative. Alone at home, I immersed myself in learning UX design and experimenting with VR and AR. This was a curious departure from photography, but I became fascinated with the idea of creating my own worlds and perspectives. In a world that seemed to be ending, I found solace and creativity in crafting realities.


Eventually, the pandemic subsided, and I secured a job as a UX Designer. However, the daily routine soon proved uninteresting, and I left after a little over a year. Starting from scratch, I researched how I could leverage my skills and interests.


With newfound clarity and passion, I learned about a portfolio school in Miami where I could focus on becoming an art director. This opportunity felt like the perfect launching point for my new future, combining my love for visual storytelling with a clear direction and purpose. Miami represented the beginning of an exciting chapter, where I could fully realize my potential as an artist.


  • 2019 Sony Photo Awards - HM 

  • 2019 Though The Lens - Winner


  • 2024 Billboard AR

  • 2024 Hues of Vulnerability Book

  • 2023 L'Amour Magazine 

  • 2023 Penida Magazine

  • 2023 Selin Magazine

  • 2023 Dominate Magazine

  • 2020 Though The Lens Book

  • 2019 The Dallas Morning News


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